And The Trains Ran on Time

FBI Agents Attempt to (Character) Assassinate President 

The FBI’s anti-Trump “leak strategy,” Part Two
Power Line Series, Must read

A steady flow of emails and texts indicate that top level FBI agents were engaged in a campaign to discredit Trump via stories leaked to the press. A rational person might ask: “How could they be so stupid to leave a trail?” Surely high trained FBI agents are not this incompetent. Therefore, this might be spin by the Trump camp. I say, look to history for the answer.

No government or group of individuals would be stupid enough to document each step that they took to implement a plan for mass murder. The Nazis kept records that documented the movement and subsequent execution of millions of people in the death camps. They documented the nature and results of experiments that they carried out on human test subjects. Why? Probably because they felt their course of action was justified. Secondly, there was the arrogance that they would not be held accountable for their actions.

Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, and Idi Amin did not hide their activities as they murdered millions of their countrymen. These acts are not about politics, but power and arrogance.

Hitler’s henchmen were confronted with their crimes at Nuremberg. President Trump’s order to declassify documents, emails and other forms of communication has caused the same panic at the FBI and Justice that the Nazis experienced at the end of WWII. It turns out the arrogance of the Nazis and the FBI was not justified. I guess we will see if: “I was just following orders,” works any better these days.

Keep in mind, that if the FISA affidavit is proven to be based on demonstrated falsehoods, then all of the people who reviewed it and signed off on the affidavit may be open to a charge of perjury.