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The Lesson is Fixing to Commence

I see a movie here, “Prison Girls II”

The yuppie parents charged in the college cheating scandal are turning to a prison consultant for advice. WTF? A prison consultant? You betcha. I was a travel and vacation consultant for dope dealers.

First of all the reader has to keep in mind that this is the Federal Prison system.

Like Burt and Ernie say, “Which one of these things aren’t like the other?

In a previous life I made travel and vacation arrangements for dope dealers. I would offer advice as to how they could get their time down to a manageable level and how to choose an acceptable accommodation. I did it as a public service. So it only stands to reason that somebody else would turn it into a business.

The Federal system is different than state prison systems. The first shock is that the convict gets to choose the prison and can arrange to report directly to the prison.

Here is how it works. For a defendant out on bond the judge passes sentence. The judge can either have the defendant taken into custody or continue the bond.

Assuming the defendant is allowed to continue on bond, he/she is allowed to go home. The Federal bureau of prisons will notify the defendant when and where to report. The length of sentence determines the type of prison, camp, medium security or penitentiary. The defendant can pick a facility based on location, programs offered, and space available. When the time comes, the defendant is expected to show up at the prison, on his own.

On the report date, the defendant can either report to the nearest United States Marshall’s Service (USMS) or arrange to report to the selected prison. Reporting to the USMS could mean a month long journey from jail to jail on a bus until the defendant finally arrives at the correct facility.

Consider the irony of the self reporting. A career criminal of my acquaintance described his efforts to travel from San Antonio to Texarkana to report. There are no direct flights. His journey ended with a high speed taxi ride, outrageous fare and tip. According to the taxi driver, this was a common occurrence. The crook found himself sprinting from the cab to the prison intake entrance, in order to make the noon deadline. The thought that he, a career criminal, would find himself running to get into prison was beyond bizarre.

Huffman and Loughlin may want to consider FPC Bryan.

FPC Bryan

The women’s federal prison camp in Bryan, Texas started out life as a Baptist residential school for boys. When the school built a new campus, the bureau of prisons (BOP) bought the property and turned it into a women’s prison. The first outward indication that it was a federal prison instead of a boys school was when the perimeter fence was removed. The BOP did paint a red line on the sidewalk. They lowered the level of security previously in place for the boys school.

It wouldn’t hurt to do additional research and to help them on their way I offer the following instructional video.

I wonder if their kids will bother to visit them while they are on the inside?