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History repeats itself. This won’t end well.

Minneapolis Police attrition rate doubled.

Members of one group, The Powderhorn Safety Collective, envision “a new form of community response that calls upon the resources of the neighborhood rather than the police.”

“We are neighbors providing support to the community with compassion and care in mind,” the group says in its mission statement. “As a collective, we commit to the practices of nonviolence and de-escalation with the end goal of strengthening the social fabric of the neighborhood.”

The Powderhorn Safety Collective

What happens when the other half of the equation is not interested in compassion, non-violence and de-escalation?

There was a time in England where policing community was the responsibility of “gentlemen.” Men of means were required to be armed. They were expected to take action should they observe a crime. The law was simpler in those days. It wasn’t necessary to arrest the accused and bring them before a magistrate. Damn near every crime was a capital offense. So a dead crook was no big deal.

A swift trial led to conviction and an equally swift execution. The usual method was public hanging. Back then there was no long drop and therefore no broken neck. The condemned typically strangled to death over a period of time, up to twenty minutes. If a prisoner had the financial means he could tip the hangman to give the strangling prisoner a quick yank and break his neck.

Then Sir Robert Peel invented the concept of a police force dedicated to protecting the community and arresting offenders. Now the pendulum is swinging back to the good old days. Who needs cops? I know, I know… we’ll create citizen’s committees. The police aren’t trained well enough, so let’s turn policing over to citizen groups with absolutely no training. Mexico does it.

Here are some pictures of successful application of the defund police concept.

Neighborhood safety group admonishes a rapist in Mexico.

The guy in the photo was chased down by a mob and accused of rape. The mob stripped him and then set a pit bull on him to feast on his balls.

Rival cartels in Mexico settle disputes without legal intervention.
Four thieves and robbers, in Mexico, had their hands chopped off.

I do not condone these mob actions, but I understand them. As a retired cop this goes against everything I stood for. As to the victims in these pictures, I hope their punishment hurt like hell.

The individuals pictured above were detained by citizens in a “mostly peaceful fashion”.