Which Came First?

Quick! Don’t think, just react. Look at all the sharks off of Cape Cod beaches. There are more of them because of ________________. Fill in the blank with your favorite: Global warming, Trump, racists!

Here is a reason I bet you didn’t think of, it’s the same old crowd. They have always been there. The only thing that has changed is that more idiots are showing up with camera equipped drones. More drones, more photos, more sharks. Nope, same number of sharks as always.

Guys, let me put it into context for you. Think back to when you were fifteen and the very first time you were able to get Sally out of her bra. BOOBS UNVEILED! Was there anything more wondrous?

By the time you were twenty-five you could drink beer in a titty bar and talk about those Red Sox without being distracted by the topless dancers.

The point is you went to a topless bar knowing you were going to see unrestrained titties. Your expectations were met, “Three Stages”, “Dancers all the time!”

Sharks live in the ocean. When one goes to the ocean, it is not unreasonable to expect sharks. What is unreasonable, is the expectation that there won’t be any sharks around.

I can understand the shock and disappointment when a swimmer finds out what is for lunch. It turns out to be them. Thousands of sharks, millions of swimmers, a dozen shark attacks sounds like pretty good odds for the swimmers.