What is Art?

100 Vaginas, review: far more than mere titillation – this was an important sex education film

I guess it is kinda like a flower show, without the flowers.  I haven’t got enough imagination to make the comparison.

Hunched over the screen of Laura Dodsworth’s digital camera, the female volunteers were examining her crisp photographs of their vulvas.

“Ewww! It looks like a slug!” “A pink cupcake.” “It’s all right.” 

Following powerful projects normalising penises and breasts, the British artist had decided to destigmatise the “final taboo”. Or the “foo-foo”, as one contributor called hers.

You might be thinking this woman is just out to shock, or why would anybody want to spend their Tuesday evening peering into other women’s knickers?

It’s just me, but I think the true art was talking all those old gals out of their panties! Excuse me mam, would you mind dropping your panties so I can photograph your twat? I promise I’ll be artistic. Between the cops and the potential beat downs I don’t think I could survive long enough to photograph a hundred twats.

I guess it is possible. Larry Flynt has made a good living at it.