This Ain’t Kansas Anymore


Jewish Voice for Peace, now who couldn’t get behind a cause like that? Just about anybody who supports Israel. Jewish Voice for Peace is an anti semic organization supporting the Palestinian cause. But wait there’s more, for the price of admission Jewish Voice for Peace advocates for Black Lives Matter (BLM). It’s called “intersectionality.” Get the Ferguson crowd and BLM to buy off on this crap and membership goes up, along with the shit stirring quotient. So here is the premise they are pushing; the Israelis are teaching American police how to keep the brothers in Ferguson down. Jewish-voice-for-peace-doubles-down-on-antisemitic-deadly-exchange-campaign 

To make their case the Jewish Voice for Peace has put together a video and probably a web page, but you won’t get it here. The funny thing is that if people would do their own basic research, they wouldn’t need me.

BLM was originally formed by a group of black lesbians who are racists and avowed communists. They found out in a study to determine which is more cute and cuddly, BLM (as a platform for fat, black, lesbian communists) or bubonic plague. They came in second. So they rebranded and made like they were concerned about black felons, coming in second best, in confrontations with police. This rebranding was not totally successful. Next, they considered including Harambe the silverback gorilla killed by the Cincinnati zoo on the list of unarmed black men killed by police; Probably-not-the-company-he’d-want-to-keep. The links are out there.

You will find examples of odd bedfellows in the strangest places. The Democratic party is talking about kicking anybody who supports the right to life or anti-birth control out of the party. On the other hand, there is the Catholic Church, an organization that has never met a Democrat it didn’t like. Call me silly, but if the Church Hierarchy doesn’t believe the bullshit they put out, why should I? Everybody makes their own choices, make sure that they are informed ones.