The Art of Concession

The VATICAN announced today that it was okay for nursing mothers to breast fed at Sistine Chapel, famous for its Michelangelo Ceiling . Just to refresh your memory:

Meanwhile down on the floor:

My mother once gave me permission to run away and join the circus. I see a similar dynamic happening here. I ran away, couldn’t find the circus, had to turn around and go home. Nobody noticed.

In the case of the Sistine Chapel, all the action takes place on the ceiling. I’m not putting the Church down. The child on the left is exposed to the miracle that is the Sistine Chapel rather than the tattoo he usually sees at mealtime; BFFB.

The woman at right is free to fed her baby because all eyes are raised to the ceiling. No body has ever noticed her breast feeding her baby.

Everybody is a winner!

Mean while the