Tecnology Marches On

I have a tendency  to lean towards the bizarre when choosing topics. Often the original topic is strange, but that is merely a trigger. I look beyond what is being discussed and then try to answer or ask questions that should have been covered. Inquiring minds want to know.

Excerpted in the Daily Caller 10/06/2018 

The story describes the product line of a California company https://www.realdoll.com/ that builds robotic sex dolls . These dolls aren’t cheap and can cost $10,000. Cost depends on available options. Past experience shows that these dolls are mimicking their real life competitors. Drop dead gorgeous is more expensive than “got a good personality.” 

According to the catalog, a prospective suitor has a choice of four options for pubic hair, from bald to break out the weed wacker hairy. Vaginas are either fixed or removable. I assumed the removable option was to facilitate cleaning. Nowhere in the catalog does it indicate that the removable vaginas are dishwasher safe.

Sometimes it is necessary to look to other sources to obtain an answer. Every house I have ever lived in has had a dishwasher. I have never experienced dishwasher odor. With the advent of sex dolls with removable vaginas, ads for dishwasher odor eliminator have begun appearing.

Is this a case of cause and effect?

It turns out there are eleven options available for vaginas. That is not exactly true, the catalog says they are all the same on the inside. Tina Turner pointed that out on Merv Griffin forty years ago. There are eleven different models of labia.

My question is if  a customer orders a variety pack of removable vaginas, is that cheating?

Can a mild mannered pervert order just the removable vagina? From the standpoint of cost effectiveness, portability and variety purchasing just the insert makes sense.

You tell me, can Guy Fieri be converted from flip flops to eleven variations of a labia as a food group?

It turns out the company is cutting edge. If having heterosexual sex with a plastic doll isn’t suitably twisted, customers have an option. The company offers an insert to turn the robot sex doll into a transsexual by adding a penis. 

If things don’t work out, does the doll get half your shit?

What was merely titillating before, I have turned into full bull goose loony. My work here is done.