Sandy Berger Call Home

Pig Manure Lagoon

One of the reasons I was successful as a narcotics investigator was that I was a master of misdirection. I went after crooks and hit them from a direction they weren’t expecting. I doubled back and hit them a second and third time. Why bring this up in the context of revoked security clearances? Sarah-Sanders-confirms-Donald-Trump-may-revoke-security-clearances-for-Obama-officials.

The security clearances are Brennan and company’s ticket to the big time. Whether they have actual access or not, as long as they possess a valid security clearance the perception will be that they are in the know. Take the security clearance away with a public announcement that it has been done and some of the luster disappears. Losing it would be a fate worse than death. Call for Sandy “Burglar” Berger, anybody recall seeing his sorry ass after 2005?

The revocation of their security clearances would stop their official access to classified material. Everything that I have seen and heard from this group convinces me that lack of a security clearance won’t slow them down one bit.  In their mind, the whole security clearance thing is a joke. It is a convenient club to use against one’s enemies, but it doesn’t apply to them. These are people that believe the rules are for somebody else.

TV has the public convinced that top-secret documents are kept under lock and key and can only be accessed or read in secure rooms. They would be correct, for the most part. However, upper-level functionaries do have the ability to remove certain documents. It is possible even likely that all of them have the ability to take classified documents home. This is predicated on the fact that a security officer has inspected and approved the premises and security in place. Some of the gang has probably authored documents that are now classified.

I would suspect that there is a log that shows who has what document and where it is stored. With the revocation of the security clearances, the gang would have to return all of those documents. That includes the documents that they authored. After a reasonable time, twenty minutes ought to do it, if the documents haven’t been returned then there is probable cause to believe that each offender is committing an offense by possessing classified documents without the necessary clearance. If the FBI needs help drafting the search warrants, I’m available.

My guess is that the known documents are only the tip of the iceberg and additional classified documents illegibly obtained will be found. The ideal time to execute the search warrants would be Friday afternoon at the start of a long weekend. It would be too late for an initial appearance, so they would be held until Tuesday. I suggest the Metropolitan Detention Center, none of these suburban lock-ups. On Tuesday the Marshalls can issue Depends to the survivors and take them to see the judge.

The priorities in DC are such that a fart in a crowded elevator is liable to bring more condemnation than the bandying about of classified information on the cocktail circuit.

Predictably there are all sorts of negative reaction by liberals and the press to the threat to revoke the security credentials of the gang. The claim is that this is an infringement on First Amendment rights. Let me put the whole idea of classified information and its use into a context that somebody unfamiliar with the process can understand. Let’s suppose:

Brennan and company work for a pig farmer. Brennan’s job is to go to the feed store and buy feed for the pigs. The farmer finds out that Brennan is stealing pig feed and selling it to a competitor. The farmer fires Brennan for stealing but does not notify the feed store. Brennan continues to pick up pig feed at the feed store and charge it to the farmer’s account. Brennan’s access to the feed store and ability to charge the feed was predicated on his employment by the farmer. That access was terminated with his firing, so his actions constitute theft.

The farmer has a sideline, raising pigs generates pig shit as a by-product. The pig shit is directed to a holding pond. At night Brennan and the rest of the gang jump the fence to the holding pond. Their purpose is twofold. One, wallowing in pig shit just seems natural to the group. Secondly, they pump out a quantity of pig shit in order to sell it to organic farmers. Again access to the property is based on their employment which has been terminated. They are actually trespassing and stealing pig shit. The organic farmers have no right to complain to the farmer because he won’t let Brennan and company continue to steal pig shit. That is as close an approximation as I can get to an explanation, that an average person would understand.

I am all for revoking their security clearances, but it should not stop there. The government should act to recover classified information held by the gang and follow up with criminal prosecutions, where warranted.