Political Correctness Run Amuck


The Texas Attorney General Paxton, has the reputation of being some type of reactionary right wing zealot. Then an article like this pops up. It is not that Paxton is so ring wing, it is just the Austin is so far left it would take a three day bus ride just to see where right began. Texas-Metoo-article-rape-survivor-Texas-attorney-fired-posting-facebook/. The article explains the controversy and links to the original remarks, that set this whole thing on fire.

Sex is a fact of life. People were taught to wear their sex on their sleeve to indicate their availability, interest, or appreciation of attentions paid. The height of fashion, during the French Revolution was a push up corset, a low cut gown, that exposed portions of the the areola. Modesty could be preserved with the addition of lace along the bodice.

Apparently this was acceptable attire that caused no problems, other than the imagining of Playboy:

Watch Burns and Allen, Cosby, Hope and Lamour or Jane Russell on the road, Powell and Loy in the Thin Man series,  Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell and finally Bogart and Bacall and keep one thing in mind. All of those movies were made when censorship was very real, yet the casts were able to slide zingers by. These same movies probably couldn’t be made today even though censorship is no longer a government function. That was the thirties and glamour was in, maybe it is passe.

I don’t go out much any more. I recently flew to New Jersey, first time I’ve flown in seven years. I have noticed both during the lay overs at the airport and in a couple of night time forays that the standard of dress, hygiene, body shape and general deportment is several steps below  established standards set by patrons of your local Wal Mart. I guess if one is fat, dirty and dressed like a sack of old laundry an insincere come on would be insulting.

For those that got it, flaunt it, but only to do good. Yes, you have a right to go anywhere you please, dressed as you please. I have the same right, plus access to a fully armed SWAT team and there are still places I won’t go. But understand, experience is a many faceted thing. Successful attendance at the senior prom, in no way prepares a girl for a weekend ride with the Hell’s Angels. Broke down on the side of the road a chance meeting with the Hell’s Angels, where the worlds overlap, may turn out well. Intentionally crossing the line into their world triggers a whole new set of rules.

I think the interaction of men and women, conflicting signals, differing intentions are all part of what makes life interesting. If I wanted a sure thing every time, they have robots for that now. I’m sixty-five I still haven’t figured out the rules on boobs. Here is an example: a famous meeting between Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren. My understanding is that it was Sophia Loren’s party. Here is one of many photos:

Questions that occur to me: Is it OK to peak, look, gaze with utmost respect and awe? It just seems to me that to ignore or sneak a peak is a mark of disrespect. Ignoring what is plainly laid out seems like rejection. A sneak peak is a divided attention  pro forma type exercise. Only the frank admiration seems like an honest response. I realize that some of my generation have ruined it for all with applause, whistles and drool. I apologize.

Can one then change vantage points, so as to form the basis of comparison? Been my experience that boobs look good at any angle. But some boobs best seen from one particular angle. That angle may take some research to find.

I’m guessing it is not okay to ask Ms.Loren about Ms. Mansfield’s rack?

Spontaneous applause is a definite no-no. I’m right about that, right?

Motor boat sounds are out, along with num, num, num.

Sitting on the sidelines, I think this current round of allegations has a hint of the Salem Witch Trials. Some of these guy named are abusers and they are likely long term abusers. Whether they made the transition to rapist is probably more about opportunity than any long held moral stand.

Counter balance them with predatory females who decided that the price of fame didn’t seem so high, only to find out there was still some things they couldn’t do. A hard lesson to learn.

I have trouble with the credibility of a victim five, ten years after the fact. No, I don’t have to believe you because you made the outcry.

During this time one would do well to remember basic physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Unlike physics the human response to sexual  stimuli is liable to cover a range rather than a specific track. It is that lack of specificity that makes the flirting game so challenging.