One Stop, Green Card, Felony Charge and You’re a Democrat for Life

The usual suspects are all upset. The Judge is getting death threats, liberal assholes are calling for his disbarment, and firing. Since a Federal Magistrate Judge is not a lifetime appointment, I don’t know what the appropriate term is for a job action.   SA-judge-under-fire-for-telling-new-citizens-to-10627900.php

Primomo said he made some positive remarks about the democratic process at last week’s ceremony but said the TV report only contained a portion of them.

“I can assure you that whether you voted for (Trump) or you did not vote for him, if you are a citizen of the United States, he is your president,” Primomo told the new citizens, according to the KENS report. “He will be your president, and if you do not like that, you need to go to another country.”
A naturalization ceremony is part solemn occasion, Primomo is there. But it also has a flavor that is somewhere between a three ring circus and a rave. There are sometimes hundreds of new citizens there to take the oath and they are accompanied by family and friends and the whole event is a celebration. Below is a description of the legal requirements and obligations addressed during the ceremony.

Cull the Herd

The new citizens are required to take an oath setting aside previous loyalties, accepting the Constitution and its progeny as the only law of the land, and swearing to defend the same.

In another life, I appeared before Judge Primomo on a routine basis. I know him to be an individual who takes his job seriously and who isn’t afraid to make tough decisions. He is the only Judge in the San Antonio area who has turned me down for search warrants, not once but twice. When the law is clear and the facts are clear search warrants are not tough to come by.

When you are out on the outer edge where the buses don’t run on a regular basis and you have concluded that’s all I’ve got. Is it enough? I think it’s enough? Is it, is, it? Judge Primomo let me know. I thought I had the probable cause. Judge Primomo said I didn’t.  He didn’t apologise and no sugar coating. I didn’t like his decision then, not crazy about it now, but I don’t disagree with his decision either. We each had our roles to play. He’s the judge, there is no tie.

With that background, I can imagine his chagrin to administer the oath of citizenship while in the background the ignorant assholes that call themselves liberals waved their banners and made their chants about Trump. Not even thirty seconds elapsed between taking the oath and then rejecting what they just swore to. He can’t be faulted for thinking 100 new citizens, 99 new felons for committing perjury during their swearing in ceremony. Is this any way to run a country?