Nomination For Hero Badge

The New York media is celebrating the heroic actions of a New Jersey police officer for giving a road kill Deer-c-section-birth/ and saving one of two fawns. 

Keep in mind this is the same media that is generating all the information on the FBI and Trump. We all know how believable that is. Is there any cop that believes that C-section shit? It just goes to show when your audience is as ignorant as the folks in the Northeast, you can tell them anything.

Hey, you stupid Yankees what you are calling a C-section everybody else is calling field dressing. Why carry 30-40 pounds of guts you have no use for when you can dump them at the site of the kill and let all the cute cuddly creatures have a buffet?

In my part of Texas, it was normal to have to push the hanging deer carcass out of the way, as we transitioned from the patrol car to the back door of the jail. The Sheriff found a cedar wacker trustee that could prepare road kill a dozen different ways. The inmates found themselves eating venison morning, noon and night and the Sheriff saved over $30,000 on his food costs.

I won’t discuss the Austin officer that kept deer corn, ice chests, and his favorite knives in the trunk of his patrol car as he patrolled Oak Hill on the midnight tour. He took more deer/vehicle accident reports than any other officer in the department. Driver’s were so grateful when he assured them that Bambi would get a proper burial. He just didn’t tell them it would be under 5 pounds of ice, wrapped in butcher paper, in an ice chest, in the trunk of his patrol car.