Nomination for Hero Badge

A New Jersey cop is appealing his termination for having sex while on duty.

No, this is not one of those predatory stories where the cop was preying on the unsuspecting motoring public and offering roadside plea deals. That was his sergeant in the next patrol car over.

Apparently he didn’t like coffee. There is no mention of criminal charges, no complaining females, so a little between the line reading is required. The officer maintained a cadre of willing females who found that the backseat or hood of a Ford Crown Vic provided the perfect romantic setting.  

I can see it now, the plexiglass cage separating the front seat from the backseat. The glow of the two police radios, the MDT, and the siren controller. The sweet nothings whispered by dispatchers.  The odor of old beer and old urine wafting up from the backseat.  What girl wouldn’t fall for such a setting?

At any rate Internal Affairs discovered his activities.  The Chief fired the officer for a variety of policy violations.

An arbitrator ruled in the City’s favor and upheld the firing The arbitrator pointed out that officers are fired all the time for sleeping on duty, getting caught doing the horizontal bop is not a great leap.

Officer try and point out that you were serving an under served segment of the community.  Just trying to help.