Nomination for a Hero Badge (Tie) BCSO/FBI


Broward Co Patrol car

The Nomination is shared this time by both individuals and agencies; law enforcement, investigative, social service and educational. Legal Insurrection seems to have the best take regarding the multiple failures surrounding the Broward County school shooting. It seems like every agency that one would rely on to keep the children safe banded together to ensure that Cruz succeeded. It’s no wonder that liberals want to go after the AR-15. It’s simple, easy to remember, doesn’t require a great deal of thought, got a good beat, can dance to it. Broward-County-Sheriff-Scott-Israel-should-resign.

At least Five Broward Deputies stood idly by the shooter remained undisturbed in the kill zone.

The Chief Executive of a law enforcement agency sets the standard or tone for the culture of that agency. He or she can do it in a positive manner, by setting the example and demanding superior performance. The other way is through benign neglect, “that’s the way we have always done it!”

When operating under the benign neglect model, training, policy and procedure, rank and discipline all fall by the wayside. Policy and procedure and training curriculum exist solely to demonstrate how the individual officer failed in carrying out his mission.

Five Deputies from Broward County failed to answer refused to answer the call and the Sheriff has no explanation. Numerous patrol officers had contact with Cruz or people who knew Cruz and felt that he represented an immediate danger to his schoolmates and public. Where was the follow-up investigation?

Other people called the FBI terrorism hotline to report Cruz’s posting on the Internet, the FBI didn’t do anything. Can anybody old enough to remember J Edgar Hoover conceive of such a thing happening on his watch?

Failure to act on specific information regarding criminal or policy violations became the norm at the FBI. The Inspector General’s Office for the FBI just revealed that a pattern of sexual misconduct and harassment persists at the FBI and became worse during the Comey tenure. With backing from the Attorney General Comey refused to cooperate with the Attorney General. The FBI withheld information from the IG Shocking-History-Sexual-Misconduct-within-James-Comeys-FBI. At least we can be assured the the FBI wasn’t drinking free coffee while bumping uglies with subordinates. Free coffee is just wrong.

These events are a wake-up call. Tell your politicians, chief executives, and managers you no longer get credit for following a “process.” What matters are results. To give the devil its due both agencies gave the public fair warning. That yellow stripe running down the side of the patrol car is there for a reason.

There are liars cheats, cowards, and backstabbers in every law enforcement agency. If the agency has a healthy culture those people maintain a low key. It is only when the rot drifts downward that lying, cheating, stealing, double-dealing become the culture of the agency. The report of the Broward County shooting should be interesting; drafted by cowards and opportunists and vetted by liars.

I don’t care where the coffee came from just as long as rhetoric on the underlying complaint is true and correct.