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Massachusetts law establishes right to hand jobs on demand.

Being a liberal is the ability to hold two diametrically opposed concepts without admitting that there is a conflict. Keep the Kavanaugh allegations in mind as you work out this scenario. 

Transgender Man Used Massachusetts Gender Law to Force Women to Wax His Genitals

29 Sep 20184,270

A biological man who claims to identify as a woman filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office to use the state’s gender identity law to force a female-oriented spa to wax the area around his genitals.

The man demanded that the South Shore spa provide him with a “full Brazilian” wax and other beauty services under the state’s gender identity law, reports the New Boston Post.

The complainant claimed other spas in Braintree and Quincy also refused to service him because, he stated, they “said I was not really a woman because I had a penis.

The wacko complainant is a man claiming to be a woman. She still has a penis. Penis male, vagina female, seems simple. This is Massachusetts, the place where driving your Oldsmobile into the water and killing a passenger isn’t really so bad. 

The wacko has been making the rounds of a variety of beauty parlors looking for a “Brazilian.” That is removal of pubic hair around the vagina. This guy doesn’t have a vagina. The technicians have refused to perform the service. Maybe they can bake him a cake. The wacko claims that he is being discriminated against. His claim is that state law mandates that the technicians handle his junk. They have no choice in the matter.

Damn, all these years I have relied on cocktails, persuasion and if need be outright begging.  I may have to consider a return to the Bay state for a state mandated sexual liaison.

I am just a broke down old narc. I am not a lawyer. I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn Express, last night. I do know that Massachusetts has a law that may apply to this situation.

“Open and Gross Conduct or Lewd and Lascivious Behavior” is a felony offense, and is classified as one a “Crime Against Chastity, Morality, Decency and Good Order.” 

In order for the prosecution to obtain a conviction on this charge, it must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant engaged in the following acts:

That he or she exposed his or her genitals, buttocks or breasts to an unwilling witness

That he or she acted intentionally and openly (i.e., no unintentional mistakes were made.) Note, however, that “openly” does not necessarily require a public location.

That he or she acted with reckless disregard of public exposure (i.e., couldn’t care less)

That he or she acted in a manner intended to cause shock or distress by those witnessing

That he or she did in fact cause shock or distress to one or more persons witnessing

Note that, in Massachusetts, breastfeeding is not legally construed to be lewd and lascivious conduct.

It is not uncommon for a charge of open and gross or lewd and lascivious behavior to involve public masturbation. Almost always, this offense exhibits issues of mental illness. The law is intended to punish individuals who display lewdness on unwilling witnesses, but it does not prohibit constitutionally protected forms of expression. Also, the law does not apply to sexual conduct that takes place in an environment or an area where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. 

Punishment and Penalties: Because it is a felony offense, convictions of Open and Gross Conduct or Lewd and Lascivious Behavior are punishable by a maximum of 3 years in state prison, or a maximum of 2 years in a House of Correction/County Jail, or by a maximum fine of $300.00.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 16,

I suppose that the wacko could establish his discrimination claim based on a discussion with the technician. However, I’m betting this freak can not pass up an opportunity to openly display the extent of his mental illness. If one is going to mess with the straights why talk about it, when you can show it?

I know, how about a law that says gender is determined by genetics? Any claim of “trans” is prima facie evidence of mental disease or defect.

Massachusetts believes that science can be negated merely by wishing. That being the case, I hereby proclaim: “There is no gravity in Massachusetts … the whole state sucks.