Nomination For a Hero Badge

SAPD Chief McManus

Every time I see SAPD Chief McManus in uniform, I think what a waste. On his back is a whole bunch of cloth that could have been put to better use as cleaning rags. Somewhere a Mexican doorman is missing his bling. He is once again demonstrating that his chief virtue as a police administrator is as a political whore.

I accept the fact that police body cams are part of the life of a cop. I know that they are not the panacea that liberals claim. I don’t buy off on the claim that the public and media have a right to view the video before the bodies have cooled. The video is evidence and represents investigative work product and is not subject to discovery. Remember the main goal of the MSM is to sell tampons and toilet paper. Charles Dickens noted what the public did with “the right to know,”in A Tale of Two Cities.

However, I’m a retired broke down narc. What do I know? Chief McManus has decided not to release the body cam video of a recent police shooting. The reason, the dearly departed suspect’s mother didn’t want it released. How come that rational works in this case and not others?

Most people don’t know this but San Antonio had an established “Red Light” district. The dotted red line indicates the boundaries. Legend has it the military gave city fathers a choice. They could have a red light district or expanded military bases, but not both. The whores lost. The “Red Light” or “Sporting District” became an artifact of history.

San Antonio “Sporting District” boundaries, circa 1917

Liberals probably won’t appreciate the irony. The San Antonio Police Department and Fire Department headquarters were combined into Public Safety Headquarters. It now sits at the intersection of West Nueva and North Santa Rosa firmly within the old boundaries of the Red Light District.

Who cares? I don’t know if it is cause and effect, but one only has to look at Government Center in Boston and wonder. In the 1960’s Boston embarked on a project to consolidate government offices in one central location. They came up with Government Center. Wikipedia, the lazy man’s reference explains. Government Center, Boston – Wikipedia. The powers that be picked Scolley Square. In my opinion there couldn’t have been a more inspired choice. Scolley Square was Boston’s red light district.

Old Scolley Square is long gone. The streets and buildings that made Scolley Square what it was are no more. All that remains are the whores, only these days they are called politicians.

Maybe it is just me, I don’t know if one whore makes a whorehouse, but with Chief McManus occupying the Public Safety building it’s a start.