Nomination For A Hero Badge

This seems like a lay down for a Hostile work environment.  Carolyn Stewart an army officer discovered that the office she worked in was doctoring intelligence reports by downplaying the growth of ISIS. She brought the shoddy work to the attention of her superiors and fought to have the record corrected.  This created a hostile work environment.

I guess it is all a matter of perception over what is hostile. Honesty, competence, accountability take a back seat to politically correct.

During the course of a year the Army was able to document that Ms. Stewart used profanity twice, and the army was able to produce at least one person who was offended.  The army fired Ms. Stewart thus obviating the need to correct the record and allowing them to continue the coverup of false intelligence.

I know it’s been awhile since I trained GI’s and MP’s at that but it used to be “pass the fucking catsup” was considered polite in those circles.