No Selfishness, Revisited


A Call To Arms

San Antonio Sign Campaign circa 2010

I had something to say about this when these signs started showing up without explanation, back in 2010. With the recent report, here, Incels-sexual-revolution-loneliness, I realize I was a bit hasty. I can now wholeheartedly support the concept and look forward to lending what assistance that I can. It takes a village you know…

Incel is internet parlance for “involuntary celibate,” and it refers to an online subculture of resentful men who can’t find sex. This term became part of public discussion after a deranged Canadian killed several people in a vehicle attack in Toronto last month.

Robin Hanson, a George Mason economist, libertarian and noted brilliant weirdo, commenting on the recent terrorist violence in Toronto, in which a self-identified incel” — that is, involuntary celibate — man sought retribution against women and society for denying him the fornication he felt that he deserved, Hanson offered this provocation: If we are concerned about the just distribution of property and money, why do we assume that the desire for some sort of sexual redistribution is inherently ridiculous?

After all, he wrote, “one might plausibly argue that those with much less access to sex suffer to a similar degree as those with low income, and might similarly hope to gain from organizing around this identity, to lobby for redistribution along this axis and to at least implicitly threaten violence if their demands are not met.”   

Women have long known that a coy smile and a flash of bare tit will get the poor dumb son-of-a-bitches to say or do anything on the off chance that she will succumb to the goofy bastard’s pathetic lines and go to bed with him.

What was the last thing that Mohammid Atta and his merry men did before their ill-fated flights? They all went to titty bars. Imagine those last conversations.

Achmed, “Oh, Allah, will I ever gaze at such titties ever again?”

Bubbles, “Sure honey, I’m here Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, for a $20 table dance I’ll slap your face with my titties.”

If you see something say something, another opportunity lost and history was made.

According to Hanson, it didn’t have to be that way. There is a real opportunity for feminists to show their commitment to the mainstream community. Bella Abzug may be a hero in the feminist community. But narrow views and the appearance of a frog, with none of Kermit’s charm, does not make a cross-cultural icon.

Here is an opportunity to create a hero, a whole body of heroes and protect the entire community at the same time. The opportunity to address a real threat has created a partnership between the long-established Womyn Homosexuals Against Men (WHAM) “Bimbos against mass murder (BAMM). The mission of WHAMBAMM is to target male sexual predators as the search for sexual gratification or as they react to their lack of success. It is a call to hard bodies everywhere to not be selfish, take one for the team. Screw a geek, prevent an act of terrorism.

First Class of Bimbos on the hunt

WHAMBAMM will act on tips, from the public. It is important for womyn to pint out that creepy guy in third period English. The old guy trying to peer down your blouse may be harmless, but why take a chance, use the WHAMBAMM 800 number to make a report.

According to Shirley Silversteen, spokesperson for WHAMBAMM, the Bimbos of WHAMBAMM will be trained to identify would be serial and mass murderers and gather evidence to support their arrest and removal from society. At the very least, a Good Bimbo should be able to delay the event.

Shirley Silversteen denied WHAMBAMM is a death squad designed to identify and kill alleged offenders. She pointed out, “Heart conditions on some offenders may cause them to cum and go at the same time but that is not our fault.

As an old guy and a retired cop, I support WHAMBAMM’s mission and I have offered to lend my expertise to the program in the areas of selection, target identification, threat assessment and target neutralization. I plan to offer lectures on how to differentiate between a harmless old “blouse browser” and  a “tittie terrorist.”

If you think you have what it takes to be a WHAMBAMM BIMBO send a photo and a resume detailing present perversions and perversions you would like to try, in care of this blog.

Find out what happens when a badman with a gun is confronted with a good bad hardbody without a gun.