New Public Safety Threat Discovered

Several years ago, my brother found himself on an aircraft carrier making a quick trip across the Atlantic.  He went up on deck to watch flight ops one night and found a spot with an unobstructed view that was out of the way.  He thought he had the perfect spot until a passing sailor pointed out that where he was standing happened to coincide with the route a broken arrestor wire would take.  This is the thing that stops the plane.  The sailor also pointed out that it wasn’t a case of if the wire broke, only when. The moral of the story is that a lot of uncontrolled force is released when a cable or fabric hits the breaking point.

The Wall Street Journal reports a trend in women’s fashion called waist trainers.  The modern waist trainer replaces the old fashioned corset and is constructed of spandex.  There are no regulations governing construction or failure points.without waist trainingWithout waist trainer applied waist-trainer  With Waist Trainer Applied

Imagine the force being exerted on the fabric to get the waist portrayed in picture #1 down to the size of the waist portrayed in picture #2.  Now imagine an elevator crowded with people.  Finally, horror or horrors a sudden and rapid failure of the waist trainer.  First buttons and bits of hooks and eyes would achieve ballistic velocity radiating out shrapnel…  You get the picture.

Sign the petition urging responsible waist trainer ownership.