Marighella Lives

Ignorance is bliss. This in no way is intended to support or defend the four Minneapolis cops that have been accused in the Floyd incident. However stupid reporters and left leaning politicians are misleading their base. They are making assertions and promises that cannot be kept. Ultimately the great unwashed are going to be disappointed. That could be the ultimate goal.

Carlos Marighella, the author of The Mini-Manual For The Urban Guerrilla is long dead. But his manifesto and methods live on. He called violent action, robberies, killings, kidnappings as revolutionary acts. Robberies could help to fund the movement. The rest was drama.

Direct acts of violence weren’t intended to overthrow the government. The violence had other purposes. First, violence was intended to underscore the fact that government and laws, as they then existed were ineffective. Second, the violence was intended to make the government to overreact. The overreaction and clamp down would cause people on the sidelines to join the cause.

The Minneapolis cops are poster children for Marighella’s theory. A left wing radical State Attorney General has over-charged the officers. The likelihood of the four officers being convicted, to the satisfaction of the mob, is slim to none. This is a case of Ellison being in a position where any result is a win-win for him.

If Ellison obtains convictions he wins. The fanatics will still be unhappy because in their view, the officers were under charged. The cocktail liberals will be happy because a win is a win. Either way, Ellison will point out that it wasn’t his fault. The legal system is flawed. If he loses, he wins. The deck was stacked against him. Again it was the system.

I’m not an attorney. The linked article makes a big deal that Minneapolis Police policy is that the officers had a duty to intervene. So what. The two rookies are toast any way you look at it. They are on probation. The department doesn’t need a reason to fire them. The rookies have no recourse. Criminal responsibility is another story.

Lane challenged the tactics but did not physically intervene. Four days on the job he was in a no win situation. He knew he didn’t like how things were developing. The other veteran officer apparently didn’t object. Four days verses thirty years of combined years experience, what to do? “Experience is a mother first you get the test, then you get the lesson.”

Policy is not law. The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that police officers owe no duty to the individual.

Morally their behavior was unacceptable. Legally, there is room for reasonable doubt. Below are some case cites.
Castle Rock v Gonzales 366 F. 3d 1093, reversed.
Warren V District of Columbia 444 A.2d 1 (1981)

In situations like Floyd, supporters gloss over the fact that the victim was engaged in criminal conduct. Had he been law abiding, the initial contact wouldn’t have taken place. Once the officers decided to arrest Floyd, he had an obligation to cooperate. Floyd failed on both counts.

His apologists make the argument that Floyd may have innocently passed the counterfeit bill. That works right up until the clerk told him the bill was counterfeit and he passed it anyways.

The cops who responded were doing what they were paid to do. Investigate criminal activity and arrest offenders. That is what they were doing when everything went to hell. From that point on the cops started screwing up.

The jury is going to be hard pressed to determine that Floyd was just fulfilling his societal obligation. He was a four time convicted felon passing a counterfeit bill. If he didn’t do it who would? The fact that he had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system is an indication of how low the bar is for responsible behavior of a felon. At least he wasn’t a registered Republican.

Looting, arson, assault and rioting are acceptable behaviors in Minneapolis and other democratic strong holds. Pinning on the badge is not. Carlos Marighella would be so proud.