Little White Lies


-Plea-hearing-for-Flynn-at-1030. It’s funny how the partisan worm turns. Because Flynn is associated with Trump, this is the beginning of the end. Had this been a Hillary co-conspirator, the MSM would have pointed out that lying to the FBI is a “no-brainer” charge that doesn’t have anything to do with the underlying investigation.

To a degree the MSM is right. “Lying to the FBI” is akin to “Hunting over a baited field,” in Texas. One looks out over the landscape, in Washington, DC and sees Brooks Brothers Suits. In Texas, it’s an untended alfalfa field, a stock tank and hundreds of Canadian geese; either way, easy pickings.

Should the unwary,   let’s call him “Smart Guy,” follow his inclinations and try lying to the FBI or harvest a fat goose or two, they will find either exercise is not particularly challenging. Pretty soon the earnest young FBI agent in the Brooks Brothers Suit is scribbling madly and the odor of roast goose fills the air.

It is easy to lie to an FBI agent. They are too polite to use terms like; “bullshit,” or “you lying piece of shit.” A certain gullibility hangs in the air about them. They almost never interrupt. In fact, as the teller becomes more bold and abusive the FBI agent seems to shrink. One can even throw them out of the office.

It’s a loser’s game to play the dozens with an FBI Agent. The odds are always in the favor of the agent. It costs him almost nothing to play, while his opponent stands to lose all that he holds dear.

In the future, the FBI Agent that Smart Guy lied to will return, probably a matter of weeks rather than months. If he returns during business hours, the Agent is probably attired in the same Brooks Brothers Suit. If Smart Guy has to turn his porch light on, chances are it is the crack of dawn and the Agent will be wearing stylish 5-11 “Fed Pants” and a dark blue windbreaker with ten inch embroidered FBI letters on the back. No cheesy silkscreen for the FBI.

Smart Guy will be amazed at how that dreary little FBI Agent has progressed in the ensuing weeks. Instead of being accompanied by a sidekick, like last time, he now has a retinue of ten to fifteen similarly attired Agents. The local TV NEWS is along to capture the event for posterity. Smart Guy is fixing to find out how much the FBI Agent has learned in such a short time.

The top of the surprise list for Smart Guy is that he will learn that during their previous discussion; he put his balls up as collateral for the truth. Smart Guy’s truth has been found wanting and the FBI Agent is there to collect the collateral. Chances are from this point forward, Smart Guy will have to rely on his attorney for future explanations. It has been shown, conclusively that the firm grasp on one’s balls by a third party, leads to panic, disordered thinking, and a general feeling that things will never be the same. In the end, Smart Guy may get to keep the family jewels but a sharp tug judiciously, administered will remind him of all he hazarded.