Legend In Her Own Time

If you have read this blog you are familiar with the concept of “Nomination For A Hero Badge.” That is where a cop, fire fighter or paramedic or their agency goes above and beyond the call of duty to demonstrate a whole new level of stupidity.

There is a variation on the theme. It requires that the individual officer do something outrageous. That act either exposes organizational stupidity or carries adherence to the rules to places never contemplated by the bosses. This from Ace of Spades blog:

JANUARY 31–A New Mexico man arrested in a prostitution sting agreed to give an undercover cop a Chili’s hamburger in return for sex, according to a criminal complaint.

Police say that Dominic Calderon, a 36-year-old registered sex offender, was collared Tuesday night after riding his bicycle up to the female officer, who was standing on an Albuquerque sidewalk.

After Calderon and the cop agreed on $80 as the price for a sexual encounter, Calderon asked the undercover cop for her phone number, explaining that he “did not get paid until Friday.”

Noticing that Calderon was carrying a bag of food from Chili’s, the vice cop asked what was inside. Calderon replied that it was a hamburger, prompting the undercover to propose a barter deal. “I told Dominic that my fee could be the burger,” the cop reported.

When Calderon agreed to the swap, he was arrested for patronizing prostitutes, police report. While the complaint notes that, post-arrest, “Dominic’s items were tagged into evidence,” it is unclear whether the burger itself is now in a police storage locker.

Some background information will help to make the officer’s actions clearer. The offense of Prostitution is complete when one actor agrees to perform a specified sex act for an agreed upon remuneration without other conditions. It doesn’t matter whether the actor does the proposing or accepting.

In this instance the officer has established a price and and they agreed upon sex act. The downside is that payment for, and the act are contingent on the offender being paid some days in the future. Basically the undercover has wasted her time. This discussion has not resulted in a request for sex, for remuneration.

By bargaining for the cheeseburger the officer has brought the transaction back into the here and now. Talk about a Big Mac Attack!

The boss told my partner and me not to buy any more dope from a suspect, she was toast. We wanted one more buy in a last ditch effort to draw her supplier, Sophia, into the transaction. The boss stood firm. Hurt feelings wins out over logic.

We loaded up my pickup truck with $49.00 worth of hay and I headed off for one more meeting. Delivered the hay to our suspect and complained about dragging and all the driving I had to do. The Sophia stepped up and dropped $40 worth of methamphetamine on me.

The boss got irate. “I told you not to buy any more dope!”

We replied, “Didn’t buy no dope, bought hay as part of an authorized undercover. Got dope because we delivered hay.” We got our expense money.

Sophia caught ten years behind that delivery.

Sometimes an officer engineers a Legend in His/Her Own Time moment and sometimes he officer is overtaken by events. Having the wit to recognize the potential is stage one. Stage Two is having the ability to take advantage of circumstances to achieve a desired outcome.

It all depends on how the story is told