Latest Target For Gun Control


The gun control wackos have a new target, the assault rifle of “76”, that’s 1776. Actually, I misspoke because the weapon pictured does not qualify as an assault weapon, it has no bayonet lug. The British banned bayonet lugs. Tactics of the day called for two or three volleys and then a bayonet charge. The side with the most bayonets usually won the battle

Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group: Las Vegas Shooting Reveals Need for Muzzleloader Regulation

There is a provision in the law regarding firearms that exempts certain classes of weapons from federal oversight. These are firearms manufactured prior to 1898. The second, type of firearm, are black powder muzzle loaders of modern manufacture require handloading of components down the barrel. The British army standard for volley fire was three rounds a minute.

It seems counter-intuitive to ban a firearm with such a slow rate of fire. Must be the suppressor and electronic sight that put it over the top.