I Changed My Mind

Can you put it back the way it was?

Gender dysphoria used to be included in the category with  body dysmorphia, classified as a severe mental illness. The psychological establishment discovered they could expand their business and afford Mercedes Benz payments by downgrading gender dysphoria to a condition rather than a psychosis. It is one of the only mental conditions I am aware of where the treatment of choice is surgery. 

You would have thought the psychological establishment would have learned their lesson after lobotomies worked out so well. 

The statistics seem to indicate a high incidence of suicides among surgically maimed transgenders. Johns Hopkins in Baltimore no longer offers transgender surgery. Johns Hopkins pioneered the surgery in the United States.

Would any surgeon in their right mind perform a stomach stapling procedure to an anorexic? Why is is acceptable to perform invasive surgery on healthy tissue of a mentally ill person suffering from gender confusion?Both are crazier than shithouse rats.