Howie Carr

(Boston, MA 03/15/18) The General Hooker entrance at the Massachusetts State House on Thursday, March 15, 2018. Staff photo by Nicolaus Czarnecki

There is a columnist that writes for the Boston Herald Traveler he covers organized crime, politics(state and local) and government waste and general malfeasance, his name is Howie Carr. I’m afraid Texas’s golden age has passed, either that of there are no Texas journalists alive and interested in capturing the Texas of yesteryears.

Here is a controversy that Howie reported on earlier in the week.

The latest example is Rep. Michelle DuBois (D-Brockton), who this past week complained that somehow, a sign bearing Gen. Joseph Hooker’s name outside one of the entrances to the State House is demeaning to women because, well, like, hookers, or something.

Let’s not get into the etymology (to use one of the many words the extinguished solon doesn’t know the meaning of). Who knows why the powers that be felt compelled to put the bust-out Union general’s statue outside the State House along with the words, “General Hooker Entrance.”

Confusing, right? I mean, if the State House has a “general” hooker entrance, a visitor might reasonably conclude that somewhere there might exist a “special” hooker entrance to the building, you know, for women like Stormy Daniels.

Texas Monthly does something once a year but it hasn’t been very funny and smacks of desperation. I guess it is tough when your field of miscreants to pick on is so small and the dogma that guides is broad and contradictory that satire is a tough sell.

Oh for Ma Ferguson, The Duke of Duval, LBJ, Billy Sol Estes and the like. Lyndon, tells us about the time they found the guy over in Franklin hanging in a tree, with his hands tied behind his back and he had been shot seven times with a bolt action 22. You know the one where the local JP of the party that shall never be named in an adverse story called it, “Worst damn case of suicide I ever did see.”

I’m sure stuff like that still happens but it never sees print in Texas because it upsets the narrative.