Hints For a Memorable Christmas

Christmas is a time to build memories and traditions. Here are some hints that will ensure the family remembers events of Christmas past.

The Obligatory Christmas Photo

Explain this in 20 years
It is likely alcohol was involved

Christmas Traditions, Charity

‘Tis’ the season for charity. Some people give to the Salvation Army.
Some people prefer a more direct approach. Volunteers serve Christmas dinner to the less fortunate and assorted freeloaders.
It’s cold out there! Don’t forget the working girls, who can’t afford warm clothing.

Christmas Traditions, Family

Hiring Billy Bob Thornton as Santa
The time for coal has passed. Most kids wouldn’t know what it is.
Consider, instead, a basic cell phone. Nothing says you been naughty like a basic cell phone.
Family gathering around the Christmas tree.
Each gift provides its own drama.
The little shit bugged you for weeks. Couldn’t live without a particular item. Come Christmas morning what does he do? Plays with the box that the can’t live without gift came in.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner, as imagined by Norman Rockwell
Christmas dinner as it really is. Where did these fucking liberals come from?
Another Christmas is done.