Fun With Numbers

A-former-cop-explains-how-the-police-get-away-with-killing-peopleWe know that the “expert” stopped being a cop in 2006. We don’t know when he began his career he could have twenty minutes experience he could have several years. What follows is a bunch of unsupported opinion and missed opportunities due to uncritical follow up.

Police agencies have controlled over racism and have no tolerance for it, according to the speaker. Except when it comes to enforcing the drug laws and then it is racist. Racism comes out when they draw their guns. Bullshit.

Come ride with me. Wanna buy heroin? No problem quick trip to the west side, prowl the bus benches, vacant lots, alleys, and run down convenience stores between six and ten in the morning. Then convince anybody hanging around that you really want a piece or two and there it is.  All low key and discreet.

Want cocaine powder, cold? follow the night life. Won’t be the best deal or best quality but keep plugging.

Weed just ask around in any group of twenty somethings, I don’t think I’d go anywhere with them and I damn sure ain’t giving any money up front.

Want crack? A whole range of people may use crack  cocaine but when it comes to large scale distribution chances are you are going to a black neighborhood and dealing with black dealers.  Yeah I know I saw Boston PD dealing with a bunch of broke dick Irish crack dealers but most areas of the country dealers practice racial profiling. For fifteen years I asked mid to upper level crack dealers, probably over a hundred, all black, two questions. 1. You ever sold dope to a white boy? 2. Have you ever used crack? All but one answered each question the same, “You outta your fuckin mind?”  So in San Antonio, at least it is a black run enterprise. And the dealers discriminate.

So how do you get crack? Cruise the east side when you hit the right neighborhood the crack dealers will jump on your hood, chase the car down the street on foot, or just plain holler that hey got crack for sale.

I’ve seen more discrete peanut vendors on Landsdown street before a Red Sox game.

The crack cocaine trade is impossible to ignore. It is activity most destructive to a neighborhood. Go back to the news stories of the eighties, it was the community, the activists, ministers, plain folk that screamed for enhanced penalties for crack cocaine distribution. Why do so many black males get arrested? Could it be that they are so blatant in their criminality, that it is impossible to ignore?

Math is not my strong point. I never took statistics and don’t understand how a statistical sample is supposed to over common experience witnessed and documented by a community.  I suspect a sleigh of hand that is dishonest and intended to deceive. Something gets lost when a transition from general to a specific and specific to general games get played.

Four US Presidents have been assassinated in office. Sounds like a lot. There have been more than forty-four US Presidents. OK, not so much. Only one of the assassinated Presidents was significant, Lincoln. The others were eminently forgettable, although one possessed a hell of a PR machine.

On June 25 and 26 1876, George Armstrong Custer managed to piss off only .007% of American Indians (1880 census). That numbered up too 2500 Lakota, and Dakota Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors, which was roughly ten times more fighters than Custer had at his command.  There is a reason they call it Custer’s Last Stand.

It wasn’t the number of Indians that did Custer in.  It was the number of Indians willing and able to shoot whatever came to hand that led to Custer’s demise.