Double Standard

James Woods has been suspended from twitter again. He posted a picture that Twitter found offensive. This may or may not be the photo. It meets the description.


I don’t know what type of camera system the police use. I would expect to find, time, date and camera data on screen. Two possibilities, either that information has been edited out, or there was a non-public safety camera operating. Note the bare foot. What’s a gay orgy without photo keepsakes?

If it is police generated video then it isn’t privately produced or privately distributed. Florida is pretty wide open about releasing public safety information.

Had Gillum been a Republican this photo or video would have been the lead on every newscast in the country. However, Gillum is a democrat and we must respect his privacy. He is entered into a substance abuse treatment program. First time I’ve heard that jism falls into a substance abuse category.

Say the name Abraham Lincoln, George Washington or Benjamin Franklin chances are these images come to mind.

Here’s a chance to make this photo of Gillum as iconic as the images of Lincoln, Washington and Franklin

Andrew Gillum’s finest hour, democrat, almost governor, and Florida man
Gillum quoting Groucho