Don’t these Idiots Read the Paper?

Back in the good old days, when we planned an enforcement operation we first had to write up an Operations Plan. Included in the plan was the medical facility to be used in case of casualties. We probably had a list of thirty hospitals from which to choose. In reality, there were only three. Even more fortunate, they were widely separated, so we had the whole city covered. Our three: Wiford Hall (Big Willie), Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) and University Hospital (Bexar County, University). At the time, (Wilford Hall has since closed) all were Level I Trauma Centers. 

We used to joke that the sweetest words we could hear from a doctor looking down on one of us as: “Not another damn gunshot wound.” Much more preferable to the other hospitals where the doctor might say, “A gunshot wound, always wanted to try my hand at one of these.”

I guess my point is, why would anybody assume that they can get a quality education from a school whose administration doesn’t understand basic civics. In the attached story, the school had students arrested for passing out copies of the U.S. Constitution. Just to remove all doubt as to competence, the same administrators take it a step further and complain that the administration is being picked on because they are idiots.  Students-arrested-at-Kellogg-Community-College-for-handing-out-copies-of-Constitution