Define Normal


The people pictured above inflicted the injuries on themselves. They felt like they were supposed to be amputees and the offending appendage was cause for everything that was wrong in their lives. So they took it upon themselves to either injure a limb to the degree that would require amputation or carry out the amputation on their own. Body-modification-mods-amputee-extreme-cutting.

This is not a rare phenomenon, in fact, it is supported by liberals and democrats, encouraged by psychologists and psychiatrists. Judges have prevented child welfare workers from interfering with children whose parents request the procedure. Should you voice your disapproval or alarm you are liable to be labeled a sexist, homophobe and in California could be charged with a felony. (Attempting to deprogram a person from a chosen sexual perversion is against the law.

Just what we need a new mental health medical crisis. The author went out and found an individual, Dr. Michael First, self-identified as a professor of psychiatry. Here is what he has to say:

“Dr. Michael First, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, has led investigations into this bizarre and extremely rare psychiatric condition which he is calling body integrity identity disorder (BIID)…Dr. First is among a small group of psychologists and psychiatrists who are trying to define the disorder, understand its origins and decide whether to include it in the encyclopaedic bible of psychiatry as a fully-fledged disease…The idea of having extreme elective surgery, even when it involves mutilation or removal of healthy tissue, has met at least some acceptance in cases like sex reassignment, or cosmetic surgery for those who hate their noses or breasts even when those body parts are objectively fine…But the stigma attached to the condition – which has been likened to body dysmorphia and even transgenderism – has led to dozens suffering in silence for years.”

Body Dysmorphia and Body Integrity Identity Disorder are one and the same thing. If you get right down to it, Transgender involves amputation of healthy tissue, female to male-breasts, male to female, penis, scrotum, and testicles.

A mind is a terrible thing. I’ve been to a nut cutting or two and in my experience, the doctor throws the no longer needed testicles over his shoulder and what happens next is between the dogs as they scramble for a free lunch. This caused me to project a similar scene in the operating room, only as the balls go sailing over his shoulder there is a wrestling match between the scrub nurse and circulating nurse over the gone gonads.

Back to what we were talking about. The American treatment manual is called the DSM5. Up until the latest redraft Body Dysmorphia Disorder was considered to be a mental illness with manifestations basically laid on a scale. Anorexia part of the family was a considered a disorder right up until the time patient was circling the drain near death. The patient was then reclassified to eat shit bark at the moon crazy. The American psychological establishment downgraded all variations of  BDD, so there would be no conflicts with the profit margin.