Compare and Contrast #99

Can you tell the difference between between the two characters pictured above? Both head their respective criminal organizations. Both are engaged in the drug trade. The one on the left has called out the National Guard to combat marijuana dealers. 

If you said they are both the same you would be correct.

Up until now, the “War on Drugs,” was a nifty slogan dreamed up by a PR man. Government was never serious about it. Governor Gavin Newsom the head of the largest organized crime family in California, also known as the democrats, has called out the national guard.

California legalized marijuana sale and possession and taxed the hell out of it. The politicians projected tremendous tax revenues from the sale of marijuana. Taxes fell far short of projections. A group of lying politicians get together, pull an imaginary number out of their ass and then are disappointed when the number proves to be erroneous.

They failed basic bullshitting 101. When dealing with numbers: statistics or money, it is helpful to appear to believe the projections. They actually believed, shame on them. Nothing pisses a politician more that depriving them of money they worked so hard to steal.

The Governor is out to get black market marijuana dealers and growers. This time it’s serious. Forget about public safety, quality of life, and other societal ills, this is about cold hard cash.