Can You Spot the Weird Stuff?

Saw this and thought that’s pretty weird. Burglars broke into a museum and stole a solid gold toilet. The toilet was on display in Winston Churchill’s home. The former Prime Minister never used it. Churchill was long dead when it was manufactured.

You mean the fact that somebody would manufacture a solid gold toilet and call it art?

No, If a crucifix in a cup of piss is art, a solid gold toilet has got to be a step up.

Well, what does a solid gold shitter and Winston Churchill have in common?

That’s not weird. Churchill’s house is a venue for the exhibit. The connection exists only in the mind of the headline writer.

The fact that it was fully operational and hooked up to water and sewer is strange.

It would only be strange if the toilet was in the middle of the display floor.

The toilet was set up in a dedicated bathroom. Patrons could pay a fee to drop a turd in a solid gold toilet. Given the times we live in, shitting in a solid gold toilet doesn’t count unless one has pictures.

Okay, selfies while one is taking a dump in a solid gold crapper has got to max out the weirdness meter.


What is weird is that pay toilets are pretty much banned all over!