Can You Say Perjury?

The arrogance of Strzok and company knows no bounds. This guy was allegedly an intelligence professional. I’d be willing to bet he presented dozens of cases to revoke an individual’s security clearance for just such a violation. But the rules don’t apply to him.


Peter Strzok lied to the House Judiciary Committee in his June 2018 testimony, telling Congress that he did not text from a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). But texts between Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page show Strzok repeatedly stating that he was texting Page from inside a SCIF. (READ — HOWLEY: Here’s The Full Story of How Obama, Hillary, and Brennan Carried Out The Crime of the Century).Information uncovered by Mark Pullen of The Pacific Standard Reports, who has provided valuable information to Big League Politics in our coverage of the Deep State, shows clearly how Strzok lied in his testimony, which can be read in full here.

But that’s not true. Strzok actually confirmed to Page that he was texting her inside a SCIF, as you can see from Senate-archived Strzok-Page texts (page 26).

“in scif. One sec,” Strzok texted Page on March 9, 2016.

Another conversation from August 11, 2016, flagged by Reddit, shows Strzok telling Page, “We’re in Jims SCIF.”

Efforts to cover up the conspiracy continue the original offense for purposes of the statute of limitations. The other thing that is in play is the conspiracy occurs wherever one of the conspirators happens to be while contributing or advancing the conspiracy.

This is significant because when it comes to politics, nothing is illegal, immoral or improper as long as democrat and Washington DC are in the same sentence. This means conviction is unlikely as long as charges are filed in the immediate vicinity of DC. However, I’d be willing to bet that one these assholes used a cell phone to talk or text while jetting over flyover country. All that is needed to establish venue and prosecution away from DC is one cell tower ping, say in Bumfuck, Alabama.

Take any one of the defendants from their comfort zone and jail them in Bumfuck, Alabama without bond. Inside of two weeks the majority will be cutting deals with the government.

Just think, “Jailer, there’s no shrimp with my grits!”

Throw the bastards out!