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How to Write the Perfect Glossy Profile of Beto O’Rourke

BY: David Rutz

August 27, 2018 1:17 pmSHARETWEETEMAIL

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Are you a media outlet with a tight budget that still badly wants to write an in-depth profile of Beto O’Rourke (D., Texas) as the staunch progressive tries to beat Ted Cruz and Turn Texas Blue?

Great news! Thanks to every other news site and glossy magazine that already has had this idea, you can write one from your home office without having to ride down a barren West Texas highway while chatting with Beto about how Texans totally want gun control and single-payer health care.

Along with a heroic shot of O’Rourke with his shirt sleeves rolled up and looking dashing but determined, here’s how to make your 150th iteration of this story really shine.

From the Washington Free Beacon

The Washington Free Beacon notes that the MSM is falling all over themselves trying to compare cultural appropriation thief “Beto” O’Rourke to the Kennedy’s. Seems fair. I didn’t think the MSM went far enough so I did a little research, just to help them out.

Let’s start with the old man Joe. Did they include:

The Dark Side Of Joe Kennedy Sr.
By Kellen Perry
Published April 17, 2017
Updated January 31, 2018
Joe Kennedy Sr., JFK’s father and the patriarch of “America’s Royal Family,” left behind a complicated legacy, including anti-Semitism and Nazi sympathies.

Kellen Perry

Joe Kennedy sympathized with the Nazi’s. He attempted to enter into a deal with Hitler to forestall war, despite instructions to the contrary. He actively undermined Great Britain’s war efforts.  

Who can forget the Kennedy men’s efforts on behalf of women? The boys learned from dear old dad. Joe Kennedy had his mentally ill daughter lobotomized. Rose Marie Kennedy went from being functional with problems to being non-functional. She was institutionalized for over sixty years. God has a sense of humor. Joe had a stroke that rendered him unable to communicate. He lingered for eight years.

Rose Marie “Rosemary” Kennedy (September 13, 1918 – January 7, 2005) was the oldest daughter born to Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, and was a sister of President John F. Kennedy, and Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.
Rosemary experienced mental disabilities, and displayed less academic and sporting potential than her siblings; however, her disabilities were carefully concealed from the public by her prominent family. In her early young adult years, she also had behavioral problems. Her father arranged one of the first prefrontal lobotomies for her at the age of 23, but it failed and left her permanently incapacitated. Rosemary spent the rest of her life in an institution in Jefferson, Wisconsin, with limited contact with her family. Her condition may have inspired her sister, Eunice, to initiate the Special Olympics in 1962.


The MSM breathlessly points out that Beto likes to say “fuck” during his appearances and impromptu speeches. “Talk is cheap.” If Beto wants to emulate the Kennedy s he needs to step up his game. The Kennedy s didn’t just say fuck, they did every chance they got. 

JFK had a long and storied career with women starting with the suspected Nazi spy Inga Arvad, in 1941. Things got so tense daddy got JFK a PT boat and a trip to the Pacific. He lost the PT boat when a Japanese destroyer rammed and sunk it. How does a destroyer sneak up on a drifting PT boat conducting a listening watch? 

Inside JFK’s Forbidden Romance with Former Beauty Queen – and Suspected Nazi Spy – Inga Arvad


April 12, 2016 10:40 AM
On Nov. 27, 1941, noted Washington Times Herald writer Inga Arvad introduced a 24-year-old John F. Kennedy to readers as “a boy with a future.”
By the time those words hit the press, the future president and Arvad, a Danish former beauty queen then living apart from her second husband, were locked in a passionate love affair…
When the U.S. entered World War II in December 1941 – one month after Arvad published her column singing Kennedy’s praises – Arvad’s connection to Hitler came back to haunt her. Suspecting she was a Nazi spy, the FBI launched an investigation into Arvad. Federal agents tapped her phone and watched the front door of her home, where they frequently saw a “tousle-haired young man” they knew “only as Jack,” the Leaming writes.

Tierney McAffee

The maturity that comes with age, missed Jack Kennedy. Not only did he continue to screw anything he could get his hands on but he also pimped the girls out to his friends. 

From The New Republic:
I knew that John F. Kennedy was a compulsive, even pathological adulterer, given to taking outlandish risks after he entered the White House. I knew he treated women like whores. And I knew he had more than a few issues with his father about toughness and manliness and all that. But before I read in the newspaper that Mimi Alford’s just-released memoir, Once Upon A Secret: My Affair With President John F. Kennedy And Its Aftermath, described giving Dave Powers a b*** job at JFK’s request and in his presence, I didn’t know that Kennedy had an appetite for subjecting those close to him to extreme humiliation.

The New Republic

Rumors persist that JFK and Robert (RFK) passed Marilyn Monroe back and forth between them. Conspiracy theorists maintain that when it stopped being fun Bobby had Marilyn killed or manipulated her into committing suicide. 

FBI file links Kennedy to Monroe’s death
17 March 2007 — 11:00am

BOBBY KENNEDY’S affair with the screen idol Marilyn Monroe has been documented, but a secret FBI file suggests the late US attorney-general was aware of – and perhaps even a participant in – a plan “to induce” her suicide.

Sydney Morning Herald

Teddy could have used some of Bobby’s subtlety. The car accident on Chappaquiddick didn’t turn out the way he planned it.

Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick Accident
The Car Accident That Killed a Woman and His Political Ambitions

 Ted Kennedy, 1979.  Barbara Alper / Getty Images

by Jennifer L. Goss, Contributing Writer
Updated August 24, 2018
Around midnight on the night of July 18-19, 1969, U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy had left a party and was driving his black Oldsmobile sedan when it went off a bridge and landed in Poucha Pond on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts. Kennedy survived the accident but his passenger, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, did not. Kennedy fled the scene and did not report the accident for nearly ten hours.

Although Ted Kennedy was subjected to a subsequent investigation and proceedings, he was not charged with causing Kopechne’s death; a point that many contend was a direct result of Kennedy-family connections. The Chappaquiddick incident remained a scar on Ted Kennedy’s reputation and thus prevented him from making a serious run at becoming president of the United States.

Jennifer Goss, ThoughtCo

This next incident is a double banger. It highlights Teddy’s deep respect and support for womanhood. It also illustrates that he was an out of control alcoholic.

“When she put in an appearance in their private retreat – ‘The Teddy Kennedy Fun Room’ – the Massachusetts senator picked her up and heaved her onto a table. The crystal candlesticks and champagne glasses shattered as he grabbed her again and flung her on top of Dodd. 

“Then Kennedy threw himself on top of the woman. The waitress implored Mr. Kennedy to ‘Get off me!’ 

“Another waitress entered to find ‘things all tipped over and Kennedy was on top, [the waitress] was in the middle and Dodd was on the bottom.’ At that point the sandwich was disassembled.”

Penthouse, recounted by the Washington Times

Speaking of substance abuse, JFK was a pill popping speed freak while President. Teddy was a confirmed dipsomaniac. Bobby seemed to skip that particular vice. However, three of his children all report substance abuse issues.

ByDemelza De-Burca
19:00, 5 AUG 2013

John F Kennedy was hopelessly addicted to painkillers and amphetamines at the time of his 1963 Irish visit, an explosive book has claimed.
In These Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie, author Christopher Andersen claims JFK’s physician Max Jacobson, known as ‘Dr Feelgood’, administered high-dosage amphetamine shots laced with steroids to the president on a regular basis and even to the First Lady.

 Irish Mirror, ByDemelza De-Burca

I know the MSM wouldn’t lie to me. When they say “Beto” is just like the Kennedy s that’s enough reason for me not to vote for him.