At Least They Will Never See Disney World

What do you say to the Russians?

Russians charged in DNC hacking case

Twelve Russian GRU (Military Intelligence) officers have been indicted by the Feds. I’m guessing they are all still in Russia and are not likely to appear in court. The indictments may serve to fill in some blanks as to how and what happened, but without a trial will never be validated by a verdict.

Some pundits question the timing of the indictments coming just before Putin and Trump are to meet. Some seem to feel that Trump will be at a disadvantage. I think if Trump delivers two messages to Putin he can mitigate the damage. #1 is Kudos to your cadre of professional intelligence officers. They acted in a professional manner for a first class intelligence service to produce a result perceived to be in the best interests of their country. #2 We also have the same capacity. Is this the path you really want to take? Knock it off.

I can’t blame the Russians for exploiting an opportunity. The real lesson to be learned here isn’t “beware of outsiders.” The lesson learned is that as long as the election process is for sale to the highest bidder, the U.S. will be victimized by the Nancy Pelosi’s, Hillary Clinton’s, and Putin’s of politics. Dumping on twelve GRU agents doesn’t come close to addressing the problem.

I can recognize the GRU agents for a job well done while at the same time pointing out if they come to Disney World, their asses will be arrested.