Precious Snowflakes

I found a video and an article and video more or less covering the same ground, the entitlement of precious snowflakes.  The first is a rant by an irate blond fired on her first day of work.

Five years ago I would have hollered bullshit almost immediately, not these days. This is a put on by Allie Stuckey. I don’t know how she was able to do it straight-faced.

The second one is a photograph and article about a soon to be unemployed news bimbo from Philadelphia. This incident is not a put on. She will be lucky doing the farm report out in Western PA. I (used to)-work-at-a-fking-news-station-motherfker-young-reporter-arrested-after-unloading-on-cop.

I found a video of her arrest. Her tenure as a news bimbo is probably done, but unfortunately, some of the charges are felonies. A felony conviction means with a performance like this she can be elected to any Democratic Party position in the country.