Yale, The Uncollege

The University Formerly known as Yale

Shirley, Shirley bo Birley Bonana fanna fo Firley
Shirley Ellis, “The Name Game”

Yale has already played the name game. A number of years ago they took John C Calhoun’s name off a building. Calhoun was notable for expressing the following view:

Calhoun had been weighed and found wanting. He may have been a brilliant orator and a fierce opponent of encroaching federal power, but he was also a slaveholder. And unlike many of his peers, Calhoun argued that slavery was not merely a necessary evil but a “positive good,” because it provided for slaves better than they could provide for themselves.

Wait a minute! Isn’t that sentiment the basis for LBJ’s “Great Society?

LBJ, just after JFK turned down his invitation to go deer hunting out at LBJ’S ranch.

Alleged racist monuments are being torn down. How about going after the monument to LBJ? The “Great Society” legislation has done more damage to the United States than the Confederate States of America ever dreamed of.

Attacking monuments is virtue signaling of the worst kind. Tearing down, removing or renaming (insert item of offense here) accomplishes only one thing. It provides a thirty second sound bite to the media whores. I would venture a guess most protesters couldn’t identify the historical significance of the individual targeted for removal.

It’s the same old story, democrats go for the flash, rather than the substantive change. It is so much easier to go after inanimate objects that the people and attitudes behind them.

Some things never change
Meet the new fascists’, same as the old fascists

Never Forget LBJ’S Sentiments expressed, after he implemented the “Great Society”