Wolves Minding the Flock?

Who needs Nazis, when there is Sofia Leung, librarian, feminist, and liberal.

I could go on about how liberals, communists and fascists are natural allies that share the same philosophy and goals. Nah, I’ll just let this liberal feminist explain.

If you look at any United States library’s collection, especially those in higher education institutions, most of the collections (books, journals, archival papers, other media, etc.) are written by white dudes writing about white ideas, white things, or ideas, people, and things they stole from POC and then claimed as white property with all of the “rights to use and enjoyment of” that Harris describes in her article. When most of our collections filled with this so-called “knowledge,” it continues to validate only white voices and perspectives and erases the voices of people of color. Collections are representations of what librarians (or faculty) deem to be authoritative knowledge and as we know, this field and educational institutions, historically, and currently, have been sites of whiteness.

Sofia Leung, Librarian