While You Weren’t Looking

Things change. I understand that. Change is not always good. I thought that being a bad ass would entail a certain consistency. Apparently that is not the case. As a child of the late fifties, early sixties, I remember when only bad asses and veterans had tattoos. Not any more. Not only did the potential canvas change but so did the subject matter.

Old School

Old School Tattoo clients

Kinda Gentler, Stylish, Rebel in a gentle sort of way

Kinda gentler tattoo clients

Old School Bad Asses

Back in the sixties, one didn’t need a program to identify the bad asses. The essence of bad “assdom” was that if you had to proclaim your bad ass status, then you weren’t.

Somewhere along the line that rule got suspended. I guess maybe it happened about the same time kids started getting participation trophies and adults stopped keeping score. It might have been when the PC crowd got on the diversity kick. Either way, bad asses will never be the same.

New Breed Bad Asses

Who knew? Walter Mitty would be the ideal model of a bad ass in the new millennium.

Liberals say that we are supposed to celebrate diversity. If liberals condemn the KKK, Nazis, Zionists and Republicans aren’t they violating their own rules?

Why things change!