When Is A Boob, Not A Boob?

The law is a funny thing. A defined offense seems to delineate a bright line that one shall not cross. However, the line dims when it comes time to apply the law to a specific situation. Here is an example.

Bare Boobs, Oh my!

I’ve just violated some kind of Internet prohibition. I have published a photo of a topless female without her express permission.

There is one problem. The woman pictured, doesn’t exist. She and her boobs were created by artificial intelligence. A computer assembled random “0’s” and “1’s” and she was the result. This is one instance where it is perfectly acceptable to treat this chick as an object.

There is now a website that generates pictures of topless females for a dollar a shot. Apparently there is no option for user interaction. The image is a product of the computer with no input from the user.

Apparently, there is a Website that promises to take pictures of clothed women and strip them down. This could explain why Joe Biden is hiding in the basement. Just imagine, Joe ogling computer enhanced naked images of Nancy Pelosi, Stacy Abrams and Michelle Obama.

Damn the places my warped imagination sometimes takes me.