Waiting For The Other Shoe to Fall

Aunt Jemima, unemployed after 130 years

Liberals and fellow scum, but I repeat myself, have targeted black advertising icons. When I go to the grocery store with pancakes in mind, I am confronted with a variety of choices. Aunt Jemima isn’t some fat black lady. She is a symbol of a quality that was present fifty years ago and continued on, until today.

From Powerline

What Comes Next?

I guess the companies could go with more contemporary figures.

Dead Rappers like pancakes!
Bitch, eat the mutherfuckin’ pancakes”

The advertising slogan could stand a little work.

Removing icons such as these, sets up phase two.

C.B. Stubblefield, “Stubbs” has been dead for over 20 years. He is still voting democrat but is no longer employed.

All of these other folks were essentially fired because of their race. Aunt Jamima, employed for 130 years, gone. Uncle Ben employed for over 75 years, gone.

Employment discrimination. They were all fired because of their race. I can see lawsuits paying off in the millions. Just remember liberals engineered the firings.

Proving once again there is nobody more bigoted than a liberal.

What would Tony do?