Same Old Democratic Party

Democrats then and now
Shocking? Nah, in 90 + years only the outfitts have changed
They sure do like masks.
Black women make up 13% of the population. In New York City, (2012) more black women underwent abortions than live births.  
Here is an example of behavior that would make 1870’s reconstruction democrat proud. A group of white ANTIFA  demonstrators attacks a black woman for leaving the plantation. Like their counterparts from history, free speech is only free when one toes the line. This was not a political rally merely two people eating breakfast in a restaurant.

If I was a black man and had friends like theseI would find a police officer to confront and yell “SHOOT ME!”

When are people of color going to figure out that when it comes to bigotry, the KKK takes a back seat to a liberal? Liberals have used blacks as a bludgeon for over fifty years. This had nothing to do with the plight of a black individual or the community at large. To a liberal, there are no black individuals, as people. If a black is singled out or held up by a liberal it is as a symbol. The purpose of the symbol is to embarrass the government and establishment.