Out With The Old

I lived in the Washington D.C. Metro area for several years. I acted as tour guide for visiting family and friends and took in all of the memorials, with the exception of three. I never visited the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial and Kennedy’s eternal flame. Screw em.

Here are two other statutes I’ll never visit. I find both to be offensive, on par with any Confederate General. One represents an incompetent who will be remembered as the guy that beat Jimmy Carter for the title worst President ever. The other is a serial rapist. My distaste does not extend to the point of pulling these clowns off of their pedestal.

Times change. What was significant in the past may be less so now. Some icons aren’t and never were.

Plymouth Rock never had anything to do with the Pilgrims.
Mayflower II, Plymouth Massachusetts
This Mayflower was built in the 1940’s. Psst, wanna buy an over priced hot dog?

My disdain does not extend to the defacing or tearing down what I find offensive. The advocacy and destruction of statues and memorials that the mob finds offensive is on par with the book burning of the Nazis or the destruction of Buddhist statutes by the Taliban.

Nazi Book Burning
Taliban destroys Buddhist statutes.

The current orgy of destruction is not peaceful, it is not civil unrest. The terms that best applies are vandalism and felony.

I can’t get worked up about statues dedicated to dead folks. There is a mechanism to deal with unwanted memorials. That is to petition the government to remove the offending statutes. It happens all the time.

Take Boston’s Scollay Square. Once a vibrant section of Boston, by the 1950’s it had deteriorated. It became a haven for pimps and prostitutes. The city instituted an urban renewal program. Scollay Square was out and Government Center was born.

The pimps and prostitutes were replaced by politicians. Okay, maybe that isn’t the best example. The buildings were new, even if the character of the clientele deteriorated. The point is that there is a process.

There is nothing noble about destruction for its own sake.