One Size Fits All?

Bottled Water delivered but never distributed, Puerto Rico.

People keep forgetting lessons learned, Katrina-New Orleans, or Puerto Rico-Hurricane Maria. The Federal government is great at moving STUFF to disasters. The FEDS aren’t so good getting the STUFF from the rally point to the people that need it.

That is where local government comes in. Ask yourself when was the last time that a Florida governor showed up on national TV, whining and crying after a major hurricane? How about, never?

Floridians know that they are going to get wacked by hurricanes. It is just a question of intensity and landfall. They also know that they are on their own for the first twenty-four hours. Sounds cold, but that advance knowledge and acceptance leads to realistic plans conceived and implemented locally. Based on an assessment of local conditions by those that know.

Problems arise when the local government drops the ball.

Governor Cuomo blamed Trump for not providing medical resources. President Trump responded by sending the Hospital ship Comfort.

The USNS Comfort was deployed to Manhattan at the end of March to aid the city’s hospitals, which were overwhelmed with coronavirus patients.
But with the conversion of the Javits Convention Center into a temporary hospital, the Comfort didn’t get many patients. As of Tuesday, it had treated just 179 people.

This serves as an introduction of common sense to the current manufactured crisis. Bigger isn’t always better. The handling of this so called pandemic is the most effective argument possible for limited government and no Federal interference in local affairs.

A Tale of Two Cities
(With apologies to Charles Dickens)

To illustrate that one size doesn’t fit all, I picked two cities with commonalities. Lockhart, Texas is located in Caldwell County about 40 miles southeast of Austin. It is the home of Kreuz Market, and Black’s BBQ. Both shrines to central Texas style of BBQ. The other city is New York City, New York. It has a BBQ restaurant that pays homage to Kreuz Market.

Before you scoff, realize that the CDC and assorted Federal bureaucrats make no distinction or look for commonalities between two cities when perpetrating public health shams on the populace.

Here we go:

Howard Stern is one of the original “shock jocks” and a New York institution. Ralph the swimming pig was a staple at Aquarena Springs, in San Marcos. San Marcos is twenty miles southwest of Lockhart. One of Ralph’s handlers eventually married a deputy in Lockhart. I have no idea if the woman pictured is her. Larry Flint libeled the hell out of that lady. She sued and Flint paid a substantial settlement.

That is as close as I could get to each city having a pig as a celebrity.

Here is a question. How come with all the required social distancing the New York subway never stopped running?

Can anybody with common sense claim that one plan will meet the needs of both cities?

Wearing a face mask and thinking you are protected runs a close second.