News, Print to Fit

The simple minded will giggle at the funny story. A TV news reporter seated behind a desk, gave viewers his informed opinion. As the camera pulled away, at the conclusion of the story, it was revealed that he wasn’t wearing any pants! Hee-Hee!

I guess, on one level, a reporter without pants is funny. Shift the focus. To me it is as if he had started his story by stating: “Okay you stupid assholes watching, I’m fixing to steal thirty seconds of your life. You will never get it back. I’m going to spout crap that I don’t believe. To demonstrate my utter contempt for those watching, I am going to deliver this report sans pants.

You won’t know that because everybody involved in the news biz is in on the fraud. We control what you see and hear and the way that information is packaged.

Trusted name in news? I got a bridge I want to sell you. Still funny?

I have linked to this speech my Michael Crichton before and I will do so in the future. If you have seen it before, revisit it. A timely reminder never hurts. If you are unfamiliar with the piece, hit the link. Read it. Use it as a yard stick the next time the news comes on.

Old timers in the news biz used to hold Edwin R Murrow up as the standard as the gold standard of reporting. I guess, as a hero he is passe. That’s alright the new generation of journalists have their own hero,