New York Slimes Strikes Again! (Updated)

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New York Times admits creating ‘unfair impression’ about Nikki Haley’s $53G curtains that were OK’d by Obama administration

U.S Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley
New York Times caught lying again

I worked as a contractor for the State Department several years ago. One of the issues I dealt with was residential security. I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs. I do know that through bad intent or gross incompetence the New York Times distorted this story.

The Times reports that $52,000 worth of curtains and hardware were installed in her residence, at taxpayer expense. Get out the tar and feathers!

The curtains themselves cost $29,900, while the motors and hardware needed to open and close them automatically cost $22,801, according to the contracts. Installation took place from March to August of last year, during Ms. Haley’s tenure as ambassador.

While Ms. Haley’s curtains were being ordered and installed, Rex W. Tillerson, the administration’s first secretary of state, had frozen hiring, pushed out many of the department’s most senior diplomats and proposed cutting the department’s budget by 31 percent. In embassies around the world, projects were eliminated, jobs were left unfilled and the delegation to last year’s United Nations General Assembly meeting was slashed.

“How can you, on the one hand, tell diplomats that basic needs cannot be met and, on the other hand, spend more than $50,000 on a customized curtain system for the ambassador to the U.N.?” asked Brett Bruen, a White House official in the Obama administration.

New York Times

The Ambassador’s official residence had been in the Waldorf Astoria since 1947. The State Department recently moved the residence to a penthouse apartment in a new building.

Since the Slimes is dealing with outrage, there are some things they left out. The furniture is likely real (not reproduction) American antiques. The art work does not include black velvet or dogs playing poker. It wouldn’t surprise me if the silver service and silverware weren’t manufactured by Paul Revere. Ching, ching, there are probably a million dollars of accouterments in the residence. Ho-hum. But the drapes. Marshall’s was having a sale.

Here’s a game. Would the reader consider it unreasonable to spend one months rent/mortgage to outfit their living room with drapes, mini blinds, or shutters? I know; how many sheets and rolls of aluminum foil does anybody need for a window treatment? Work with me. I think that rent/drapes comparison isn’t unreasonable. The rent on the penthouse is over $58,000 a month. Drapes and hardware at $52,000 is a bargain.

Read far enough into the story and it turns out that the drapes were ordered during the Obama administration. Gee, I wonder who the Secretary of State was back then?

Let’s sum up:
Penthouse apartment $58 K plus a month, no problem. A million dollars of furnishings, artwork, grand piano, and dinnerware, no problem. Drapes ordered by a democrat at $52 K, so that a Republican gets to enjoy them. Problem, Oh shit, oh dear, the Republic is doomed.

I used to claim I would buy the New York Times the next time I had a puppy to train. I take that back. I wouldn’t want to stunt his growth or be accused of animal cruelty.