Nazi or La Raza, Same Old Crowd

La Raza – The Race

Trump and the Castro brothers. Which one had a mother who self identified as a communist? Which mother was instrumental in forming a political organization based on race? Who has never held a meaningful job in the private sector? Give up?

One of the Idiot Castro Twins Posted this on His Twitter Account.

The claim is that it was Joaquin that posted it. However, the twins have a proven history of impersonating one another. Attribution doesn’t really matter. Even when you take the two together the total does not amount to one man of substance.

Most readers will not recognize the names listed. There was one on the list that surprised me. I once dealt with his junkie daughter. I’m long retired and she died close to ten years ago. Several of names are quite recognizable and associated with businesses.

One such business, that was singled out was Bill Miller’s Barbecue. It is a local chain of restaurants. I refer to Bill Miller’s as the MacDonald’s of barbecue. The restaurants are neat and clean, the staff is attentive, prices are reasonable and the barbecue is okay. It isn’t great, or memorable. On the other hand, it is never bad.

If I have a desire for barbecue, Bill Miller’s is not where I would go. I find myself at Bill Miller’s when I’m in a hurry and just gotta eat. I guess with dipshit calls for boycott, Bill Miller’s just moved up my restaurant list.

Look at the list again. Notice anything? Not one Hispanic name is on the list.