Liberal Literacy

California liberals are emulating their Nazi mentors. The Burbank Unified School District has embarked on a campaign to ban books that they find offensive. Today’s liberals are more enlightened, no bonfires for them. Climate change you know.

Nazi Germany book burning

The Burbank Unified School District in California has banned several classic literary works that contain racial slurs. To Kill A Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are two of the classics on the district’s new list of banned books.

Book return in Burbank?

What a concept! I can’t help thinking that the students who objected to these books were not offended by the language, They were offended by the requirement that they read-anything. Don’t want to study math? Numbers are racist! Required to study a foreign language? Cultural appropriation!

How come when Snoop Dawg uses the term: nigger, it is art? But it is close to a crime when Mark Twain uses the same term?