Intended Consequences?

US Army, “Be all you can be!”
Stormy. ” I wanna be a girl!”

Basement Joe wants to let “transvestites into the military. Used to be that somebody suffering from “gender identity issues” to the extent of wanting to remove offending body parts was considered to be mentally ill. That changed when mental health professionals had trouble making their monthly Mercedes payments. They found a cash cow in setting up support groups and transition treatments to validate their craziness.

Then they discovered another problem. The process was expensive and these mentally unstable bottom feeders couldn’t pay. Private insurance declined the privilege, rightly claiming such surgery was elective in nature. This leads to the latest effort to find deep pockets. The military.

I bet the guy that came up with the ad Army recruiting is kicking himself. “Be all you can be” took a turn that was never anticipated. I’ve got an idea. Let’s revive the old slogan and couple it with the Lou Reed song, “Walk on the Wild Side”, now that’s a recruiting hook.

I can see it now. Deranged individuals that normally wouldn’t be caught dead near a military recruiting office will be clamoring to join. Once signed up, out they come, with the expectation that the military will pick up the tab for hormones and surgery.

Then in a few years, when buyers remorse hits they can go back to the military and demand that the military put everything back the way it used to be.

democrats fucking up in ways that could never be anticipated in a rational world.