Immodest Proposal


I’m not sure; I might be alright with this, depends on how the math works out.  Of course, that is only if the rule is applied to all orientations.

Important Story From Vice: Straight Men Aren’t Lining Up to Have Sex With Transexuals


There’s a lot of stories like this — trans people complaining that people whose gender identities are stubbornly non-fluid aren’t willing to date or have sex with people whose sexuality is ambiguous.

Vice is just the latest to push the idea, as Heat St calls it, “pity f***s for social justice.”

I ask this a lot, but I’ll ask it again: If it’s fair game for George Stephanopolous to ask Mitt Romney, out of nowhere, whether he’d ban contraception– that is, to ask a Republican about an idea he’d never suggested, just to put him in the position of being associated with a fringe sort of position and also having to distance himself from a fringe sort of position that may be held by some of his potential voters — why is George Stephanopolous not asking prominent Democrats if they agree with the proposition that being “tolerant” of gay and/or trans people means that straight people should be willing to date them?

If we get asked such wedge issue questions about difficult, embarrassing, wedge-issue sexual topics, why the hell shouldn’t Claire McCaskill and Elizabeth Warren and Lord God King Barack Obama be asked if “Love Trumps Hate” means that straight people should repress their own “Born This Way” Sexuality and do some gay dating?

If it applies equally to all orientations, this could be my last shot at having sex with a hard body or as Heat St calls it, “pity f***s for social justice.” I’m willing to go with the program provided hard bodies are required to throw an occasional pity f**k my way. The way I see it hardbodies gotta make up 8% of the population. Transsexuals less than 1% and of that 1% only a small subset is interested in sex with men. The odds are in my favor.